About Us

Entrelance.com is a Freelancing website headquartered in Muscat, Oman. Entrelance.com has a goal of making sure that people with varied skill sets are able to earn money online and the clients who are not able to hire great people, should be able to hire great with Entrelance.com.

How Are We Different?

Entrelance.com not only creates a connection between a worker and a client but also makes sure that it facilitates their journey with smoothness and ease. Our milestone payment systems makes sure that the freelancer only gets paid according to what they have done. And if they have not been paid for their current milestone work, they will not start the next one. This secures both the client and the freelancer

Entrelance.com will soon be introducing an evaluation system which will automatically evaluate the freelancers based on a test for every single job. In this way the client will be 100% sure that the person they are selecting is the right one.

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