What is entrelance?

Entrelance is a platform where the service provider can market his service and the customer can hire the suitable one for their projects.

Who can work in Entrelance?

Every talented person can use our Service (usually this age is 18 years old). If you are younger than 18 you must get your parent or guardian's permission to use our Services.

How it works?

The Buyer register himself on Entrelance and hire a freelancer for his work, the freelancer request money from buyer for work, the buyer pay Entrelance and after the work done, the buyer notify Enterlance that the work provided by freelancer is correct then the Entrelance release funds to freelancer account.

Is Entrelance is a secure site?

All transactions by PayPal, credit cards are secured. We use the industry-standard SSL encryption. Our website uses the Payment card Industry (PEI)- We use the best forms of payment processors as means or payment.

What are the fees of Entrelance?

Entrelance is free of charge only if you chose to hire a freelancer and if a freelancer accept we charge a small percentage of 2.5% from the client and 15% from the freelancer.

What are the payment methods of Entrelance?

We accept various type of payment method such as, Visa , Master card and PayPal.

What is milestone payment system?

The Milestone Payment System is a Feature that allow the client to manage the payment or the service by dividing the amount into more than one part based on the freelancer completion of each task of the project.

What is the meaning of escrow payment?

Escrow payments is a money holding facility by entrelance. It means that when the client pays the money to the freelancer, the money will be deposited into an escrow account, and not to the freelancer. When the client feels comfortable in releasing the money to the freelancer, only then the money will be credited into freelancer’s account.

What if the customer is not happy from the service?

If the customer is not happy with the service, the customer will be able to do two things:

  • Open a dispute with entrelance and entrelance’s support team will look into the problem and try to resolve it as soon as possible
  • Give a negative rating to the freelancer so that his reputation on the platform is reflected for his future projects, this helps entrelance build trust with their clients.

what is the dispute system ?

Dispute system an issue management system created by entrelance to manage all of the client’s and freelancer’s problems in their projects. Anyone can open up a dispute by using this feature in our platform and we will try to figure out your issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

How does the review system works?

The review system is a facility provided to both, the freelancers and the clients so that they can rate each other after the work is completed etc. This enables us to show it to other people how well a client or a freelancer stands on our platform.

How to refund a project?

In order to refund a project you need to tick the following checklist:

(disclaimer: If you have released the amount, then Entrelance has no control over your amount and the refund might not be possible, so make sure you get the work done before releasing)

  • A very solid reason for the refund, we will read your chats with the freelancer in order to derive what sort of a project you wanted and whether the freelancer has delivered accordingly or not. This also includes checking the files freelancer sends you.
  • You have not communicated with the freelancer on any other platform outside Entrelance. If you have done so, even little, then Entrelance is not responsible to refund you any money.

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